Evidence suggests that working can be good for our health. Despite this fact many of our customers report that it's actually their health issues which prevent them from being employed. 

Here at Links to Work we work with you to break this cycle. By teaming you up with a qualified health professional we can help you to develop coping strategies to overcome your barriers to work and make sure you find suitable employment. 

As well as working one-to-one with you we may encourage you to attend our group health & wellbeing workshops. Below we shine the spotlight on our 'Stress Management' workshop.

Stress Management Workshop
Stress – what is it?

Stress is different for everyone. In our stress management workshops you'll explore what stress means to you, what makes you feel stressed and how it impacts your daily life. 

Stress warning signs

It's important to recognise when we're beginning to feel stressed. This workshop will teach you to recognise your stress warning signs so you can tackle it head on before it becomes overwhelming.

Fight or flight

Stressors will often initiate a 'fight' or 'flight' response. We'll help you to understand more about this reaction, when it can be detrimental but also when harnessing this energy can be helpful.


It's not all bad. Sometimes a bit of stress can be useful, driving us forward and helping us to improve our performance. We'll discuss the fine line between beneficial and harmful stress.

Coping with stress

We'll uncover the unhelpful ways people deal with stress, for example:

  • Bottling up feelings
  • Self medicating with alcohol or drugs
  • Procrastinating
  • Working longer hours

And how you can cope with stress in a more productive way by:

  • Developing new behaviours (being assertive, setting goals etc.)
  • Seeking social support
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Making time to relax
Practical management techniques for coping with stress

Finally, we'll introduce you to a number of practical strategies you can employ to reactively and proactively manage stress. For example by practising breathing exercises, meditation, thought control and positive imagery.

Is stress or other health issues preventing you from working? One of our health advisers can help, signup for our services today!