A Windrush man rebuilds his life with the help from Links to Work

Dennis Melhado, 62 joined the Links to Work programme after suffering from Angina and spending 12 years out of work as a result.

Dennis Melhado, 62 joined the Links to Work programme after suffering from Angina and spending 12 years out of work as a result.

Why Dennis joined the Links to Work programme?

Denis had been struggling with getting back into employment on his own - he was over 50, had low qualifications and had criminal conviction, Dennis found himself not able to apply for the roles he wanted but he didn’t know where to begin.





How Links to Work Helped                                                                                                    

Denis met Mark,employment services consultant who was determined to help him to secure a role. Denis signed on to the Customer Service course to give him the experience he lacked.

It wasn’t long before Denis applied for a cleaning job at Great Wester Hospital, through Sky Blue Solutions. He was asked to attend an interview and delighted when he was offered the role.

Denis was a ‘Windrush’ case and during this time those who came to the UK from Caribbean countries during the Windrush era were being asked to leave. During his first month in the role, he was asked to leave as he’s passport had expired, the hospital was prepared to the keep the role open for him until the matter had been resolved with the Home Office.

Mark supported Denis by giving him information and advice on the paperwork he needed to file to the Home Office. Throughout this time Mark stayed in touch with Denis and when the green light was given by the Home Office to allow him to go back in to work Mark contacted SkyBlue Solutions.   

Denis was soon back working at the hospital in job he loved. It was a very rewarding time for him and Mark was so pleased that he was able to help Denis not only secure his role but also giving him the chance of a stable life.

Mark stayed in touch with Denis giving him the right level of support he needed while in work. During his first six months with SkyBlue Solutions, Denis progressed from a cleaning role to a Porter.

Getting the job

Denis’ work and home life are now settled and balanced and he is enjoying the place he is in and is now working on average 45 hours per week. He’s also received his Resident's Permit Card from the Home Office and he is aiming to move into his own flat very soon.

Denis would like to thank everyone on the Links to Work Team for their help and support through everything and for never giving up on him.