William works hard to build a better life

"This journey has helped me regain my confidence and rebuild my relationship with my daughter" – William, Northampton customer.

Why William joined the programme

William, 53, has always worked and up until March 2017 was a committed carer. William had to leave this job due to personal circumstances and life took a turn from there.

William felt he was hanging around with some negatively influential people. His behaviour became anti-social causing his life to take a downhill slide. William's physical and mental health also declined. 

William was determined to get his life back on track and engaged with his support worker to help him manage his behaviour and mental health issues. His support worker referred William to the Links to Work programme for help with finding employment. 

How Links to Work helped

We teamed William up with personal consultant Melanie. They immediately began working together to build a support package designed to ultimately get William back into the world of work. 

Melanie started with the basics, helping William to produce a good quality CV he could confidently apply for jobs with. William and Melanie also discussed different career options and worked together to improve William's job searching techniques. 

Melanie also listened to William on a personal and emotional level. She quickly identified that William needed to use his time in a more productive way and needed some positive influences in his life. She encouraged him to keep busy and helped him develop strategies for managing a budget, eating healthily and taking pride in his appearance. 

Melanie worked with William to build his confidence, so much so that he was willing to get out there and undertake voluntary work. 


We secured William a volunteering position with Sofa Wise in Wellingborough. William said:

"Volunteering has given me back my sense of worth and individuality. I have enjoyed the company of others and and like the commitment and structure it adds to my day."

William's personal improvements have meant that he has been able to secure self-contained accommodation helping him to regain his independence and dignity. He relishes the responsibility of maintaining the grounds and he's enjoying a higher standard of living.

William is looking forward to the future for the first time in a while, he's rebuilding his relationship with his daughter and is confidently seeking paid employment.

Melanie will continue to support William in his journey. Follow us on Twitter and we'll let you know how he gets on.

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