Taking back control

Hannah* joined the Links to Work programme in October 2017, this was a big step for her and she felt very anxious and nervous at first. She had recently left an abusive relationship and had spent time living in a Woman’s Refuge. These experiences had a significant impact on Hannah’s confidence and general wellbeing.

She was making positive steps to improve how she felt, working with local NHS services to improve her confidence and undertaking Domestic Abuse Intervention Training. Joining Links to Work was the next step on her journey.

Hannah had many skills but felt worthless and couldn’t see these in herself. She had previous experience of support teaching and felt very passionate about this type of work. Her aim was to return to a Teaching Assistant role. Together, Hannah and her Personal Consultant worked on her CV to make it reflect the skills and experience she had.

Hannah found this process quite difficult as for a long time she had not recognised the good qualities within herself. Not long after her CV was complete, Hannah found a Teaching Assistant role within a school that she wanted to apply for.

She worked with her Personal Consultant to complete the application form, really focusing on making her personal statement stand out and relating her skills to the job description.

Hannah secured an interview for the Teaching Assistant role, but was very nervous because she had not had an interview in nearly 10 years. Her Personal Consultant arranged for her to have a mock interview where she could practice her skills and become familiar with the interview process again.

After an initial period of nerves, Hannah started to demonstrate some good answers to the questions being asked. After the mock interview, she worked with her personal consultant to expand her answers to include examples of her previous experiences and key industry knowledge. Hannah was supplied with help sheets to take home so she could continue practicing. These included example questions and relaxation techniques.

Shortly after the interview, Hannah’s personal consultant received a call from Hannah explaining that she had been successful at interview and had been offered the position. This was in December 2017, Hannah had been given a start date of January 2018. She was excited and understandably a little nervous but said she appreciated all of the support she had received, stating that the interview practice had been invaluable.

Hannah will be receiving in-work support from her personal consultant. This means that while she finds her feet, she will still be well supported by Links to Work.            

*Name changed to protect identity.