Swindon working with Action For Hearing

A Swindon man is back on his way to finding employment after losing his job five years ago. 

Paul Whitehead was referred to the Links to Work programme through Swindon job centre. Paul was born profoundly deaf and although he can sign he has never learnt how to lip read.

He worked for over 21 years in Quality Control at Honda, one of the larger employers in Swindon. Unfortunately Paul was made redundant from his role in 2012 and has since found it difficult to secure sustainable employment, resulting in a loss of confidence and problems with depression.

Following his referral to Links to Work Paul was introduced to Katherine Ashton, Personal Conulstant at Working Links. He confided in Katherine about his day to day struggles at home and difficulties with completing simple tasks such as booking a doctor's appointment. 

Paul gave Katherine permission to speak to Adult Social Services to find out what help was out there for him.  They quickly arranged an appointment to carry out a visit at Paul's home, while Katherine helped to arrange a doctor's appointment to address some of Paul's health issues. 

Katherine arranged for a signer to be present at Paul's doctor's appointment to make sure that his problems and medication were properly dealt with. She also arranged for a signer to attend Paul's next Links to Work appointment from Action for Hearing.

Action for Hearing were extremely helpful wtith Paul, accompanying him to a recruitment agency to complete paper work to help him look for work in a warehouse.

In the short time that Paul has been on the Links for Work programme he has overcome a lot of difficulties and progressed towards securing employment. Paul is really pleased with the helpful and encouraging support he has received since coming to Working Links.

He has a more positive outlook on life, has developed a new CV with the help of Katherine and is working with Adult Social Services to improve his home life. 

We look forward to following Paul's journey and hope that he finds a job that is right for him soon!