Susanne rebuilds her life with Links to Work M3

Susanne joined Links to Work M3 programme back in November 2019 after being referred by her local Jobcentre. Suzanne has a learning disability which has prevented her from finding suitable employment.
Why Susanne joined Links to Work M3
Susanne joined Links to Work M3 programme back in November 2019 after being referred by her local Jobcentre. During Susanne’s Welcome Session she explained that she had a learning disability, hearing loss and suffered from depression, which she believes was heightened working in a care home two years prior. Susanne continually felt exhausted and tired and was adamant that she didn’t want to return to a caring role. Suzanne lacked confidence and felt she needed to gain some qualifications to improve her CV to help her stand out from other candidates.
How Links to Work M3 helped
Susanne was introduced to her adviser Tracy who discussed the various work options available. To help with her confidence and to give her some work experience Susanne looked into voluntary work. She applied for a voluntary position at Thames Hospice working on the till, pricing donations and steaming clothes. Susanne was successful in securing the role. While fulfilling her voluntary work she also registered on a Level 1 Horticultural course as she had a keen interest in gardening.
Throughout March, Susanne managed to keep herself busy; volunteering and completing the course but unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions she was unable to continue with voluntary work. She focused her energy on her course but again she was limited in what she could do and missed out on an opportunity to work maintaining the grounds of a local church.
Tracy used this time to update Susanne’s CV with all the skills she had gained during her time at Thames Hospice and on her course. A temporary summer job became available working as a Play Worker for Connect 4 Summer, which involved keeping children entertained and helping to prepare and cook meals for struggling families during the summer holidays – Tracy mentioned this to Susanne to see if it was something she was interested in as she had previously worked in a primary school.

Susanne was excited by this opportunity but also apprehensive. Tracy gave Susanne reassurance that she was more than capable of doing the job and had the right skillset. To help with Susanne’s confidence Tracy arranged to contact her on a weekly basis to make sure she was okay. With this encouragement, Susanne was happy to be put forward for the job and within a couple of days, she had a telephone interview and was offered the job.

Getting the job

On receiving the news Susanne was very excited and contacted Tracy to thank her for all her help.  Tracy completed a journey planner for Susanne so that on her first day she would have a step by step guide on how to prepare for the job and went over the plan until Susanne felt ready. 

Susanne said; ‘’ I am taking some time to get used to being back on my feet most of the day, but I’m really enjoying the interaction with the children and building relationships with my new colleagues. I am very thankful for the help, support and kindness that I have received from Tracy and all the team at Links to Work M3.’'