Single mum triumphs with help from Links to Work

Fatama, 34 from Leicester excels in the Links to Work programme to secure a job in retail and she can now support her family.

Why Fatama joined the Links to Work programme?

Fatama found herself struggling to get a job since moving back to Leicester and being a single parent, she found it difficult to find a job that provided the shift pattern she needed to balance her life.

She moved in with her parents as she did not have an income. She was keen to rebuild her life so that she could gain enough independence to move away from the benefits system and support her family.


How Links to Work helped

Fatama joined the Links to Work programme in December 2018 and she was introduced to her Personal Consultant, Andrew Marriott. During their initial meeting Andrew discussed the various options available through the programme that were accessible to Fatama.

Over the weeks together, Andrew worked closely with Fatama to update her CV in order to portray her skills and experiences in a way that was appealing to prospective employers. Andrew also completed the Better Off Calculation to determine the amount of hours Fatama could work to be financially better off whilst maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Fatama met with the Links to Work Health and Wellbeing Facilitator to makes sure that she was stable in her personal life and create a support system. She also met with a tutor to facilitate one to one appointments and group employability workshops to create additional soft skills for Fatama. During this time, Fatama was supported in active jobsearch meetings and applied for employment opportunities that suited her skills.

Andrew carried out networking with various employers on Fatama’s behalf to source interview opportunities and she was successful in securing an interview which Fatama was eager to accept.  

Getting the job

Fatama was offered an interview for a reputable retail shop which she was extremely excited to attend. After a very successful interview she was offered a position at B&M, which offered her the work-life balance she needed. She is looking towards the future and plans to secure a home for herself and her young daughter now that she is in solid financial position.