Sajjad secures work to provide for family

"Malini was my consultant and she was brilliant. I always felt reassured that I would find a job after meeting with her, she was very warm and kind, and genuinely cared about my situation." – Sajjad Shah, Leicester customer. 

Why Sajjad joined the Links to Work programme

Despite being well qualified and having spent most of his life studying Sajjad was unable to secure full-time employment. He worked for a religious organisation but this amounted to only ten hours of paid work a week.

By the time he found out about our programme Sajjad’s situation had become increasingly desperate as his wife was heavily pregnant.

How Links to Work helped

Sajjad was teamed up with seasoned personal consultant, Malini, who took the time to get to know him and tailor a personal plan to get Sajjad into work.

She quickly identified that Sajjad’s lack of knowledge of the local labour market was preventing him identifying good job opportunities. Sajjad was literally missing out on hundreds of vacancies.

Malini supported with this, showing him where to look for jobs including how to search online, register his CV with job sites so employers approached him, and so on. Malini also identified that Sajjad’s CV could be improved and used her knowledge and experience to help him devise a properly formatted and professional looking CV.

Whenever they identified suitable vacancies Malini was on hand to support Sajjad with the application, making sure it was properly completed and showcased how his skills and experience made him a worthwhile candidate.

Previously, whenever submitting applications Sajjad rarely received a response which negatively impacted his motivation levels. With our support the interview invites started to roll in.

Getting the job

Sajjad was invited to interview for an Administration Officer role with the NHS.  We’re delighted to report that Sajjad performed well at interview and was offered the job.

We continue to support Sajjad, helping with his travel costs whilst he got settled and before receiving his first paycheque. And Malini is always on the end of the phone to lend support whenever he needs it.  

Sajjad is enjoying his rewarding role with the NHS and even better than that, he’s delighted to be able to support his family.

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