Old friends reunite and launch own business thanks to Links to Work

Why Chris and Rocky joined the Links to Work programme

Chris and Ricky both came onto the Links to work programme and both of them were referred from their local Job Centre to get help with their CV and job searching. 

Coincidentally, Chris and Ricky were good friends at school but had lot touch recently. They met up again through the programme. 

How Links to Work helped

When they came on board they were assigned to their Personal Consultants, Chris was assigned to Kat Ashton and Ricky was assigned to Paul Curtis.

Chris worked with Kat on building himself up as Chris said that he suffered with anxiety and depression. Kat referred Chris to our Health Facilitator to build up coping mechanisms for when he was feeling low and unmotivated.

Ricky worked with Paul on sorting out courses for him to get his CSCS and working on what jobs Ricky could and couldn't do.

Chris and Ricky chatted and came up with the idea of becoming self-employed as a garden maintenance and removals business. Kat explained to them that they needed to come up with a business name, what their USP was and how to market themselves.

Kat sat with Chris and Ricky and registered their company on Company's House, applied for their DBS checks so they can work in schools, care homes and collages, and also applied for their business cards. Kat also covered all the finance legal stuff. 

Launching the business

Chris and Ricky report that the business is going very well and that they are picking up lots of jobs and are getting very good feedback and getting more and more customers through word of mouth.

Chris and Ricky couldn't thank Links to Work enough for the support they've received. It's a pleasure guys, good luck with it all!