New In Work Support workshop in Dorset

Our Dorset team have recently developed and delivered a series of In Work Support workshops, with the primary aim of supporting customers to sustain their employment. 

Whilst it's a great achievement when customers do secure employment it's often where the hard work really begins. This series of workshops is designed to ensure customers are able to deal with the challenges the workplace can throw up whilst they are on-the-job.

Six customers attended the pilot, and included those already in work, and those very close to securing work. The first session identified the positive impact of working; money, new friends, and learning new things were top of the list.

In addition, the group identified and discussed challenges at work. This resulted in reviewing how to assertively address issues with peers and how to communicate effectively with line managers in order to effectively maintain relationships and personal wellbeing.

Of the very first in work support workshop one customer said: "I would have been very happy for the workshop to last another hour."

During the second session a customer who had been unemployed for twelve years provided a talk on his journey into employment. This included how he had managed his mental health condition, how he secured an interview for the role given his patchy employment history and how work has positively impacted on his life experience. This provided great information for customers and gave them hope and confidence that what they can identify as barriers really can be overcome.

One customer said: "Being in work means so much more to me than just the money."

The final session identified support available once in work, services included ACAS, Unions, Access to Work, Inspire Dorset, Occupational health and Live Well.

The workshops ran from 05:45 pm – 07:15 pm, enabling employed customers to attend. Customers came from Tesco, St Jude’s Care and Caravan and camping parks. Links to Work provided a buffet, and the third session included a celebration of achievement.

Bernadette and the Dorset team will be running the in work support workshops on a regular basis. Get in touch with the team on 01305 831 747 or email Bernadette to find out more. Alternatively signup for the Links to Work programme using our online registration form and a member of the team will contact you.