Naomi uses our health support to gain the confidence for work

Naomi, 26, from Leicester had spent her adult life in and out of temporary jobs. Our support helped her gain the confidence she needed to find long-term job security  

Why Naomi joined the Links to Work programme?

Years of temporary work left Naomi feeling frustrated, she expressed her desire for a full-time permanent job to her Jobcentre Plus coach and they referred to Links to Work for our support with realising her ambitions.

Naomi wanted to work in retail but felt her confidence was holding her back from performing well enough in interview to secure that permanent role.

How Links to Work helped

We teamed Naomi with her personal consultant, Jag. Jag’s got plenty of experience building support packages for our customer’s personal situation and got to work doing this for Naomi.

Jag identified that Naomi found communicating with new people to be a challenge and observed that was especially shy in group scenarios. Jag referred Naomi to our Health Facilitator in Leicester, Emma Foulds. Emma invited her along to a weekly walking group – a relaxed environment for her to mix with people facing similar issues all whilst getting fit. Slowly over time Naomi became more confident talking to others.

Naomi also attended several health and wellbeing group workshops including sessions on confidence building and dealing with negative comments. Group workshops give our customers an opportunity to understand their issues and develop strategies for overcoming barriers to finding employment, all under the guidance of a qualified health professional.

Emma witnessed a marked transformation in Naomi – after attending a few sessions she started to communicate with the group and even began to voice her opinion, something she wouldn’t have had the confidence to do previously.

Naomi said: “The workshops have helped me gain more confidence with talking to people, applying for jobs and attending interviews. Before, I hated speaking to people, it made me feel uncomfortable but now I can cope with meeting new people.”

Jag supported Naomi to apply for roles, helping her navigate application forms, format CVs and cover letters and conducting mock interviews so she was ready for a range of likely questions. Naomi secured her first interview and despite not being offered the job reported that she felt more comfortable and confident in the interview environment.

Naomi said: “I used to dislike attending interviews because I always felt really nervous but now I feel confident enough to cope with interview situations.”

Getting the job

With newfound confidence Naomi was forwarded for an interview with an jobs agency we work with on a regular basis. After a successful performance the agency agreed to place Naomi into work. 

Although she's not got a permanent contract just yet Naomi has been working consistently for three months now and is shoing no signs of letting up. We're confident she'll find a permanent job in no time. 

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