Martin’s life back on track

Martin Hale, 64, led a varied career including being a retained fire fighter and working on farms, factories and dairies before enduring financial difficulties which meant he lost his job, his home and had to spend three months living in a car where he contracted pneumonia.

But wanting to get his life back on track, Martin enlisted the support of our Swindon & Wiltshite team which delivers the Links to Work programme, which aims to help people on their journeys back into suitable, sustainable employment.

Martin said: “I have had lots of different jobs in the past, but I trusted people with money and I ended up in rent arrears. I lost my home, my job and ended up sleeping in my car for almost three months.

“I wanted to work but needed some support. I had a few health issues which needed to be sorted out first and Working Links were brilliant.”

Martin was supported by personal consultant Katherine Ashton, who quickly worked with him to address his accommodation needs with the local council and placed an emphasis on ensuring Martin was fit and healthy before starting to look for work again. He was in housing within 24 hours, and his health immediately started to improve.

Martin added: “Katherine was very good. She was very concerned about my health. I could tell she cared. But once my health was sorted, it was all about getting back to work. I did a few courses and the team helped me find a job as a hospital porter, which is great. It’s long hours, but I really enjoy it.

“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Katherine and the Working Links team.

“The staff at Culvery Court in Swindon have been brilliant as well.”

Katherine said: “It’s great to see Martin back on his feet again. It was really important to ensure his health and wellbeing was right before we started pursuing job opportunities. But once he was ready, it was only a matter of time before he was back earning again.”

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