Lynda back in work after 3 years unemployed

"Links to Work is brilliant. Everyone is really helpful and nice and I love having you guys to come to for support" – Lynda Upton, Dorset customer. 

Why Lynda joined the Links to Work programme

Lynda came to us after nearly 3 years unemployed. Her previous job as a kitchen porter ended suddenly in 2015 when the business she worked for closed down.

This period of unemployment left her feeling low in mood and confidence, and she became further frustrated after getting nowhere with a number of applications. Lynda became convinced that her lack of recent experience combined with low numeracy meant she would not find employment without support. 

How Links to Work helped

Lynda was initally teamed up with personal consultant, Nick McKay who quickly identified that Lynda was unconfident and unsure about what skills she had. Together they completed a 'Skills Health Check' which helped Lynda to see the skills she did have. 

Nick used these skills to show Lynda that she could confidently apply for a number of different roles. They updated her CV and worked on a decent cover lettter which highlighted Lynda's strengths. 

Lynda began attending our Dorset team's regular 'Job Club', running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Here she was supported with searching and applying for different positions but was still struggling with her motivation levels. 

Nick identified that Lynda's mental health may have been forming a barrier to her employment so he enlisted the support of qualified health adviser, Bernadette Jones. Berndatte worked one-to-one with Lynda and in group workshops to begin rebuilding her confidence and strengthen her resilience. 

The group workshop environment encourages our customers to operate outside of their comfort zone in a safe space. It wasn't long before Lynda's confidence grew and she began making great contributions to the workshops. 

Nick set Lynda up with a BKSB online tool log-in, one of our online resources which allows customers to practise and improve their Maths, English and IT skills. Lynda worked hard to improve her skills, using the resource when visiting the office as well as in her own time.

Lynda was also supported in enrolling for a 'ITC & English Functionals Skills' course at a local college.

Landing the job and looking forward

Lynda was now in a position to confidently attend interviews and soon landed a job as a kitchen assistant at a local pub. Lynda reports that she is "so happy" to be working again. 

She continues to focus on her education and has enrolled onto the next level of 'IT Functional Skills' qualification. 

Lynda still receives our support. She attended the recent series of 'In Work Support' workshops and pops by the office to keep us updated. This life changing experience has also led to Lynda taking on extra responsibilities in the form of a puppy – her new favourite hobby. 

If you're keen to get back into work but just need that little bit of support – signup for our free employment training programme and we'll work with you to overcome your barriers to work and get you the job you want.