Lisa achieves her ambitions in quick time

Nursery worker with child

"I didn't expect to be offered an interview so quickly, I was really chuffed." – Lisa Greatrex, Dorset customer. 

Why Lisa joined the programme

Despite being employed Lisa was on a limited hours contract and was keen to gain more hours paid work. Lisa was unsure of how to achieve this so joined the Links to Work programme for our expert support. 

How Links to Work helped

Lisa is an experienced playworker and wanted more hours in a similar nursery environment. She's a level 2 practitioner and had ambitions of reaching level 3 but had previously struggled due to her learning disabilities. This had seriously knocked her confidence and Lisa was very preoccupied with what she couldn't do. 

We teamed Lisa up with personal consultant, Jenny Barrett who quickly identified the skills and experience Lisa did have and helped her to see that this far outweighed any challenges she faced. 

Together they set about updating Lisa's CV, this was easy work as Lisa had a number of qualifications and a detailed work history. Lisa was pleasantly surprised by the amount of hands on skills she had. Jenny used this process to make Lisa see that she had so much to offer potential employers. 

Lisa was also keen to access Bernadette's weekly health and wellbeing workshops. This enabled Lisa to develop strategies for building her confidence and resilience during the recruitment process. The workshops also provide opportunity for our customers to share ideas and support one another. 

Jenny helped Lisa to search and apply for suitable job roles. It wasn't long before Lisa was offered an interview with a local nursery. 

It had been a number of years since she'd last attended an interview so preparation became Jenny's key focus for Lisa. Together they prepared throughly by researching the organisation, preparing for compentency based interview questions and conducting mock interviews. 

Landing the job

Jenny attended the interview with Lisa to provide reassurance and we're delighted to report that she was offered the role. 

Lisa has started a bank position with the nursery providing her with additional hours and extra income. 

If you're keen to get back into work but just need that little bit of support – signup for our free employment training programme and we'll work with you to overcome your barriers to work and get you the job you want.