Laura's confidence soars

Laura had been unemployed due to health issues and was suffering with depression. In 2014, she lost both of her parents within four months of each other of which she found extremely difficult to come to terms with. Despite everything, Laura was extremely keen to progress into employment and she needed help to understand the process. She received support from the Links to Work service to boost her confidence and to manage her needs.  

How Links to Work helped

Laura accessed the support from the health and wellbeing adviser through attending weekly workshops. She found these to be highly beneficial as she met new people, which had been out of her comfort zone previously. With the help from her adviser, Laura’s confidence began to grow and she became more outspoken and noticed an improvement in her physical and mental health.

Laura said: “the main topic covered which helped me the most was the confidence building workshops.” 

Whilst attending the health and wellbeing sessions, Laura met with her personal consultant on a regular basis. In these sessions, Laura was shown how to complete a CV and write covering letters to support her application. Laura worked attended weekly job clubs to help with her jobsearch and completing job applications.

Getting the job

Laura started to receive great interest in her job applications and soon secured many interviews. She received support during her preparation and was able to attend her interviews confidently and aware of her abilities to do the job.

Laura was offered numerous roles after successful interviews and decided on one company of which she was aware of and had previous experience of working with. She is now working part-time as a Caravan Cleaner at a local holiday park and loves her job. 

Laura says “I feel a lot happier now, I have more purpose and The Links to Work team have 100% put themselves out of their way to help me. I am very thankful for all they have done.” 

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