Gaining employment helps Liam find happiness

"Links to Work has changed my life. When I was out of work I was losing the little confidence I had rapidly. I have worked so hard with Joanne and Andrea and I have never ever had as much confidence as I do now" – Liam Young, North East customer. 

Why Liam joined the programme

Liam's always suffered with low confidence but being out of work made his issues worse. His nervousness made him feel he was totally unable to even attend interviews let alone undertake employment. 

Despite his barriers Liam was keen to work. He signed up with our North East team to get help searching for jobs and building his confidence. 

How Links to Work helped

Liam gained access to a personal consultant. Joanne took the time getting to know Liam so she could tailor our employment support to his personal situation. 

Like many of our customers with low confidence Liam was teamed up with our in-house qualified health professional, Andrea Hart. Andrea designed a package of support for Liam to help with his confidence. This included attending a regular walking group. Walking gave Liam a chance to reconnect with nature, clear his mind and slowly start developing a rapport with some of our other customers. 

As Liam's confidence grew he felt more and more able to integrate with some of our group help sessions and started attending job club.

Job club covered the basics including writing CVs and cover letters but also provided further opportunity for confidence building via team working and ice breaker exercises.

Liam also benefitted from attending a skills course on 'Customer Service'. We work with active local employers to ensure we forward candidates who have the skills to do the job, we're always tailoring our skills courses according to the local job market. 

Of the support he received Liam said: "My consultant challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I never felt alone though and understand now why she was doing it." 

Landing the job

Liam's come on a long way since he first started with us and has landed a role as a kitchen porter – his dream job. 

Liam said: "I love going to work and earning my money. I fit in with the team really well and feel valued as an employee. ln the future I would like nothing at all to change. I still want to be working where I am now, I'm so happy."

We're still in touch with Liam on a regular basis and happy to report he's thriving in his new role.

Join Liam in building your skills, confidence and happiness. Signup for our free employment support programme.