Diaz secures a new job during a national lockdown with support from Links to Work

Man working in a retail warehouse

Why Diaz joined Links to Work?

Diaz had recently fell out of work after years of consistent employment. He joined Links to Work as he needed help to find a role in either warehousing or retail as he was familiar with the industry and had relevant work experience.

Diaz initially met with engagement consultant Michelle and she recognised that he had all the skills and experience to find a stable job, but he just needed guidance and support with his applications.

How Links to Work helped?

Personal consultant Carly met with Diaz and began supporting him with creating a new CV and tailoring his covering letter to match the roles he was interested in. Soon after his initial meeting, the national lockdown was enforced which meant Diaz could no longer attend his one to ones or visit the library to access the computers. Diaz was struggling to complete his job applications and attend any Zoom appointments as he had no internet access or a computer in his home.

Carly was able to create Diaz a new jobsearch account along with a new email account giving her access so that she could apply for jobs on his behalf. Carly kept in regular contact with Diaz over the phone and she would read through vacancies that she felt he would be a good fit.

A retail warehouse opportunity came up in the local area and Carly supported Diaz with the application and contacted the employer directly on his behalf.

Getting the job

Diaz was successful in landing an interview and tutor Josephine supported him by taking him through some interview questions, conducting mock interviews and tips on how to manage a telephone-based interview.

Thanks to the support he received from Carly and Josephine, Diaz was successful in securing the position at the retail warehouse. He is delighted to return to a retail-focused environment.

Our In-Work Support team have been speaking with Diaz to make sure he is settling well in the role and Carly has been following up with him regularly keeping Diaz assured that we are still here to help him when needed.