Chris lands first job on civvy street after 28 years in the Armed Forces

“The help has been invaluable, and I couldn’t have done it without Vicky.” – Chris Crawshaw, Dorset customer.

Why Chris joined the programme

Chris enjoyed a rewarding 28 year career with the Armed Forces. After completing a resettlement programme back in 2016 he soon found a temporary job in a supermarket. This came to an end early in 2017.

After a period of unemployment Chris felt he needed a bit of guidance working out how he could transfer his skills to a civilian role. He came to Links to Work for help.

How Links to Work helped

We partnered Chris up with personal consultant, Vicky Cox who got to work immediately by helping Chris to formulate a complete CV. As you might expect Chris had a number of skills to draw on

Vicky also arranged a 'Skills Health Check' for Chris. This helped him to see what skills he had and how he could transfer these to different roles in a variety of sectors. 

After a busy life in the forces Chris was struggling with being out of work so whilst they searched for suitable employment Vicky secured Chris a volunteering position as a hospital guide. 

Vicky and Chris worked together to search and apply for numerous paid positions, it wasn't long before Chris had secured interviews. 

Vicky helped Chris prepare for his first interview in years by conducting mock interviews with him. 

Landing the job

Chris was successful at both interviews so was afforded the luxury of choice. 

Chris chose to accept a position as a pharmaceuticals delivery driver.

Looking to the future

Chris is looking forward to completing all his mandatory training and starting work. From there he hopes to progress within the role and within the industry. 

Vicky will continue to support him with regular contact. Follow us on Twitter and we'll let you know how he gets on. 

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