Binde’s back in business

In July 2017 Binde was referred to the Links to Work programme in Nottingham. He was unable to pursue his chose career in acting due to his health conditions and was struggling to secure alternative employment.

In his time as an actor Binde has starred in a number of award winning movies, including Harry Potter and regularly performed in pantomimes across the UK. Due to the deterioration in his health he was no longer able to commit to any acting roles. Binde was referred to the Links to Work programme in the hope that he would receive the right support to help him find suitable employment for himself and his family. 

Binde had been actively job seeking and also worked as a volunteer with Disability Direct in an administration role. He felt that this would be a good role for him to pursue as a career as it didn’t impact on his health condition. He was keen to expand on his existing knowledge and experience. 

Whilst on programme Binde was support to develop a new CV that highlighted his acting and administration experience. He was also introduced to a local college to undertake further voluntary work in order to develop his admin knowledge. During the programme he took part in our ‘Engage and Inspire’ programme which he found to be very helpful, motivating his decision to change his career goal.

An old friend of Binde’s was also taking part in the ‘Engage and Inspire’ programme who worked for Enable, an organisation that source apprenticeships and employers. He found out that Enable were looking for a business administrator.

Binde was supported through the application and interview process by his personal consultant. He was successful with his application and secured the role of business administrator with Enable. Once he started work Links to Work helped  him with a referral to Acces to Work, who supported him with adjustments within his new workplace that made sure he could carry out his role.

Binde has now been working for 3 months and doing extremely well in his new career – one he thoroughly enjoys. We wish him luck for the future.