A big move leads to furthering David's career thanks to Links to Work

Man working in industrial sector

A plea on Facebook leads to David securing a job that will help him build his career in the industry he has always worked in.

Why David joined Links to Work

David was referred to the ESF funded Links to Work programme in September 2020. David had posted on a local jobs page desperately seeking help and advice about where to find work and engagement consultant Michelle got in touch with him to offer support. He had recently moved from Australia and was finding it very difficult to find work due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How Links to Work helped?

Consultant Carly provided David with support by updating his CV and while creating various cover letters that he could tailor to each role he came across. David was very determined to find a job, so Carly began jobsearching with him looking for a role that would fit his skills.

It was clear David had an excellent working history, so it wasn’t long before David had responses from employers. However, they were only offering temporary work, which was not suitable for him. David previously worked in the industrial sector back in Australia and he had lots of experience in the field. With this in mind, Carly got in touch with more employers and one very large company in the industry showed an interest in David and offered him an interview.

Getting the job

As the interview was very short notice, Carly did not have to prepare David however he was very confident and felt ready to go ahead.  

David’s interview was successful, and he was offered to start work the very next day. He is really happy with the result and glad to be working in a role similar to what he did in Australia. The company offers further development opportunities and he looks forward to building his career.

Our In-work Support team will continue to support David to make sure he settles into the role.