Alisha comes to Links to Work for support in becoming the woman she always wanted to be

Alisha comes to Links to Work for support in becoming the woman she always wanted to be

Transgender woman, Alisha felt securing full-time paid employment would not only help her financially but help her to gain confidence and be an active member of the community.

Why Alisha joined the Links to Work programme? 

Alisha referred herself to the Links to Work programme in Weymouth, Dorset in September 2018. Alisha had been unemployed since October 2017 when she worked in an electrical store doing general maintenance duties.

Since this employment ended, Alisha made the decision to take this opportunity to start her personal journey to start the transition process from male to female.

Alisha had very low confidence and lacked communication skills. She felt she was always being judged on her appearance and was extremely worried about this when attending interviews, which in turn, made her feel very shy. She was also experiencing financial issues and worried about her accommodation as she was behind on paying her rent. She was very keen to get back in to work and ideally wanted to work in retail.

How Links to Work Helped

Alisha met her Personal Consultant, Emma who was eager to help her with everything she was struggling with. Emma directed Alisha to our Health and Wellbeing adviser who worked on building her confidence through organising weekly Health and Wellbeing workshops including anxiety and confidence classes.

Alisha was received help with her CV and attended interview skills workshops and took part in mock interviews. Alisha attended appointments on a weekly basis and was supported to search and apply for vacancies. Alisha was successful in securing numerous job interviews which helped boost her confidence.

Alisha lacked retail experience so got some voluntary work at Cats Protection. She’s been volunteering for a number of months and loves it.

Alisha also received support to help her financial situation and now has a plan in place to bring her rent and other expenses up to date. She was informed about the local food bank.

What’s next

Alisha has grown in confidence and her communication skills are excellent. She now feels more stable with her finances and has all the necessary skills to continue her journey with employment.

Alisha feels she is a different person to who she was when she started on the programme and states she is very happy on how far she has come over the last year.

She will continue with job searching and feels more equipped in completing job application forms. She is very dedicated in succeeding in securing a full-time job.

Personally, Alisha is waiting for an appointment to start the female hormone replacement treatment.

Alisha says: “My confidence is one hundred times better than what it was. I am very chatty now and sometimes don’t know when to stop. I’m a completely different person. I love to socialise and can talk to anyone. I really feel ready to go in to work. The team at Links to Work have treated me with great respect and have been so friendly. Nothing is too much for them, they always go the extra mile. My personal consultant even took me shopping for interview clothes. It was great fun! I will really miss attending meetings with Links to Work and wish I had some more time with them”.