Alasadig finds a place to live and a job he loves

“I have been made to feel so welcome by the Swindon team. I feel I can rely on them whenever I need them.”  - Alasadig, Swindon and Wiltshire customer.

Why Alasadig joined the Links to Work programme

Originally from Sudan, Alasadig came to the UK seeking asylum and in pursuit of a better life. He was delighted to be granted Leave to Remain status in 2014. Alasadig’s dreams appeared to be coming true as he got stuck into British life and his newfound career as a Welder with Honda.

Unfortunately injury struck and Alasadig couldn’t continue as a Welder. Losing his job destabilised his life and he soon became homeless.

A local refugee charity we often work in partnership with, The Harbour Project, referred Alasadig onto the Links to Work programme for our employment and wellbeing support.

How Links to Work helped

First and foremost, Alasadig needed a place to live. We put him in contact with a respected landlord who had a room to rent and made sure he had everything he needed in place to claim housing benefit.

With a roof over his head Alasadig went from strength to strength and started to really engage with the prospect of finding work.

We enrolled him on an IT and an English course to help him improve his basic skills and The Harbour Project arranged for him to begin volunteering with the Physiotherapy department of Swindon’s Great Western Hospital. Volunteering is a great way to show employers that you’re serious about working, it keeps your skills up and shows high levels of commitment.

Team Swindon’s Employer Services Consultant, Mark Slade, used his connections to source Alasadig several potential vacancies.

Getting the job

Alasadig was forwarded for a Porter role at the Great Western Hospital by an local job agency that we regularly work with. And we’re happy to report he was successful at interview. The hospital has been so impressed with Alasdaig he’s managed to turn the temporary contract into a permanent one.

Alasdaig said: “I enjoy work especially talking to patients as it improves my English. I am positive about the future.”

Looking forward

Alasadig is happy at work but he’s got his ambitions set on becoming a Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist and is confident the skills he’s learning and connections he’s making will stand him in good stead.

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