54 year old with Asperger's lands first ever job

Why John joined the programme

John Eldon, who is 54 years old and has Asperger's, had never had a paid job. He recently moved to Swindon from Whitehaven and was having even less luck finding work so came to us for help. 

How Links to Work helped

John was teamed up with personal consultant, Kat Ashton who immediately began working with John to assess his strengths. 

John had previously done lots of volunteering work with Cats Protection and Restore meaning he had a whole host of transferable skills he wasn't aware of. Kat used these skills and his experience to help John build a decent CV. 

Kat also worked with John to train him up in the art of job searching, together they identified a number of suitable job types John would be willing to do. 

John had some confidence issues due to his condition and the fact that he had never worked. We referred him to our health adviser, Emily Smith who ran a number of workshops designed to help John overcome these issues. 

Landing the job

We enjoy close partnerships with local employers here at Links to Work so Mark Slade, employer services consultant used his connections to secure John a trial shift as a cleaner with the NHS – Great Western Hospitals. 

In-work support

Before his first shift John was visibly anxious. People with Aspergers tend to like strict routines and starting a new job was sure to pull John out of his current one. 

We managed to de-escalate how John was feeling by explaining that we were here to continue supporting him – as we are with all our customers who find work. We bought John a pair of safety boots and escorted him to his first shift.

After a successful shift John was offered his first ever paid position.

We're very happy to report that John remains employed and is not just doing well in his new role – he's enjoying it!

If you're keen to get back into work but just need that little bit of support – signup for our free employment training programme and we'll work with you to overcome your barriers to work and get you the job you want.