Melanie gets her life back on track

15 January, 2019

"Having a job has not only given me a stable income, it has had a massive impact on my relationships and confidence." – Melanie Blower, Leicester customer.

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Natalia is on the up

11 January, 2019

“My ambitions are very high. I can see myself as a solicitor in the future and thanks to Links to Work I know this is possible.” – Natalia Singh, Leicester customer.

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Partners help Hina back to work after 17 years unemployed

24 December, 2018

Leicester woman Hina Barrington Misry has secured her first paid job in 17 years after receiving help from our partners delivering the Links to Work programme.

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Antony's on a new path thanks to our support

20 December, 2018

Why Antony joined the Links to Work programmeAntony has years of work experience as a Production Operative but due to the nature of the industry he'd been unable to secure a permanent contrac

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Dale secures first ever job

13 December, 2018

Leicester man Dale Sharpe has secured his first ever paid job after receiving help from our partners delivering the Links to Work programme.

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Single parent back in work

12 December, 2018

"The help from Greg and other Links to Work employment consultants has been brilliant. The whole experience has made me happier and more confident in myself.

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Callum lands his first ever job

7 December, 2018

Why Callum joined the Links to Work programmeCallum White left school three years ago but had never worked before joining our programme in 2018.

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Hayley overcomes anxiety to secure NHS role

29 November, 2018

"When I first started I was very anxious about it all but as soon as I got there everyone was so friendly and helpful." – Hayley Rooks, Dorset customer.

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Tracy triumphs with Links to Work

27 November, 2018

"Attending courses and mixing with people I slowly began to rebuild my confidence and my anxiety reduced." – Tracy Starkey, Swindon and Wiltshire customer.

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Clare's health and job prospects both on the up

22 November, 2018

Clare Benton, a 36 year old single mother who suffers with depression is well on her way back to the workplace and her mental health's improved thanks to Links to Work support.

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