Evidence suggests that working can be good for our health. Despite this fact many of our customers report that it's actually their health issues which prevent them from being employed. 

Here at Links to Work we work with you to break this cycle. By teaming you up with a qualified health professional we can help you to develop coping strategies to overcome your barriers to work and make sure you find suitable employment. 

As well as working one-to-one with you we may encourage you to attend our group health & wellbeing workshops. Below we shine the spotlight on our 'Healthy Eating' workshop.

Healthy Eating Workshop
Healthy eating – what is it?

We'll challenge your preconceptions about what healthy eating actually is, showing you that it doesn't mean going hungry. 

Healthy eating benefits

This workshop will go over the numerous benefits of healthy eating and explain how it will help you gain and sustain employment.

We'll also teach you about the benefits of eating regular meals and how sticking to an eating routine can stop you falling into bad habits. 

Healthy eating and the balanced diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is easier than you think, we'll work with you to assess your current eating habits and explore simple changes you could make to achieve balance. 

Healthy eating – foods to avoid

We're all human so it's natural to get pleasure from eating foods high in sugar, salt and/or saturated fats. We'll uncover some of the health reasons for limiting our intake.

Healthy eating routines

This worksop will uncover some of the reasons to stick to an eating routine.

We'll work with you to help you establish a healthy eating routine. 

Healthy eating on a budget

We find that many of our customers believe healthy eating just isn't achievable on a budget. It's not true, by working in groups and sharing tips for eating healthily on the cheap you'll find it can be done. 

Understanding food labels

It's a minefield when it comes to comprehending food labels and actually assessing what's healthy and what's not. Our guidance will help you on the path to food label fluency. 

Healthy eating and your mood

The types of food we choose to eat can impact our mood. There are a number of small changes you can make to improve your mental health and we'll show you what these are. 

Useful apps

Healthy eating has never been easier. We'll show you the ropes on a number of apps you could be using to sustain your new healthy eating lifestyle. 

Are your eating habits or any other health issues having a negative impact on your life and preventing you from working? One of our health advisers can help, signup for our services today!