Evidence suggests that working can be good for our health. Despite this fact many of our customers report that it's actually their health issues which prevent them from being employed. 

Here at Links to Work we work with you to break this cycle. By teaming you up with a qualified health professional we can help you to develop coping strategies to overcome your barriers to work and make sure you find suitable employment. 

As well as working one-to-one with you we may encourage you to attend our group health & wellbeing workshops. Below we shine the spotlight on our 'Exercise and Wellbeing' workshop.

Exercise and Wellbeing Workshop
Exercise – the benefits

There are a numerous benefits to physical activity and regular exercise. In this workshop we take the time to discuss what these benefits are and how they help you improve your wellbeing and quality of life. 

We also explore the effect of exercise on weight management.

Exercise and calories

We'll discuss the relationship between calories and exercise. By understanding more about calories you'll know what to do with them. You'll learn some subtle changes you can make to your lifestyle to help burn more calories and lose weight in the process.

Exercise requirements

We'll discuss how much exercise is recommended per week and help you to undetstand the intensity level of exercised required to meet these recommendations. 

We'll also discuss the role of exercise if you have a limiting condition and explore methods by which you can still establish an exercise routine. 

Exercise – establishing a routine 

We'll work with you to help you explore exercise options to suit your interests. Whether it be at home, in a gym, by yourself or as a part of a team – there's something out there for everyone.

Exercise and motivation

Staying motivated is surely the hardest part of maintaining an exercise routine. As a group we explore techniques to help you motivate yourselves and strategies for making you more likely to actually want to engage with exercise. Trust us, it can be fun! 

Is your physical health or other health issues preventing you from working? One of our health advisers can help, signup for our services today!